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KRCB promo as seen on their website.

KRCB Promo for The Wonders of Watercolor

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A Letter from Annie

"hi everyone!
 as many of you know, i've been moving ahead on my exciting new "life adventure"-------creating a series of videos for our local PBS station, KRCB, channel 22: in rohnert park, california..

 it is called THE WONDERS OF WATERCOLOR, and is focused on teaching watercolor "plein air", outdoors in many beautiful sonoma county settings. - the series is designed to inspire, excite, and above all encourage artists (both novice and exerienced) to experiment with watercolor painting.

 i am working with a very talented young producer --seth friesen--and his team, and so far we have made 5 short "interstitials" which will be shown in between regular half-hour programs on PBS stations across the country.---these 5 PLUS 2 MORE ( which we will be filming next week) and ONE HALF-HOUR video constitute the PILOT phase of the series. ---------depending on response of stations and major underwriters, the goal is to produce and air 13 half-hour instrucional programs.

 all PBS stations are non-profit-----so the reality is that all funding for any programming must be raised by donations, memberships, or occasional auctions..................THE WONDERS OF WATERCOLOR IS NO EXCEPTION!................many people have been very generous in supporting our first efforts, but i am responsible for raising the final funds for the last 2 interstitials and the half hour pilot.

 i would really appreciate it if you would please click on the information below to read about the series, view the first 5 videos , review the list of donors, and then click on the donor form for more information. .......any donations that you can contribute will be used for the production costs-------------i also am "non-profit" in this venture, with hopes of possible income when the whole series is finished and presented selling "how to" materials, and offering workshops.

 as you are probably aware, donations to KRCB are tax deductible, and you will be rewarded with important promotion/publicity in a number of ways. ...these range, depending on the size of the donation, from listings on KRCB's and my web site, to being listed on video "scrolls","founders lists", underwriter's "pods" ......and/or the showing of your logo, a certain number of seconds for your message on each program, etc..or you could choose to be included simply as "friends of annie" !

 thank you for your support and interest, whether you can contribute or not at this time.......and remember my mantra of this year:........I ASPIRE TO INSPIRE BEFORE I EXPIRE !...............i am having a wonderful experience in this whole new world of television but i'm in a hurry...................i'm an OLD woman!........very best wishes..annie"

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